Golden Retriever Puppies Racing For Dinner In Adorable 9-Month Timelapse

goldenretrieverpuppies goldenretrieverpuppies

There are few, if any, things cuter than golden retriever puppies. The cuteness multiplies when you have two adorable golden retriever puppies running around. Hence why the Instagram cheesepups has gained over 6,500 followers in a very short time.

Bleu and Colby were both born on 7/23/14, and the two brothers are now growing up and enjoying a truly golden life, fame included! Not that they care how many people like their precious pictures, they are too busy playing, enjoying comfy naps snuggled up on the couch, and racing each other to their dinner bowls.

Bleu and Colby’s owner recently posted an amazing timelapse video of the two goofballs dashing around the corner and into the kitchen for their dinner over a period of 9 months. Even though the dogs are growing and maturing (at least a little bit) their crazy run to fetch dinner hasn’t slowed down one bit. And their coordination in the process hasn’t necessarily gotten much better either.

After the heartwarming timelapse video went viral the golden retriever puppies gained thousands of new followers.

Here they come at 11 weeks…

puppies-growing-up-timelapse-video-golden-retrievers-colby-bleu-1 puppies growing up timelapse video golden retrievers colby bleu 1

The cutie on the left hasn’t quit figured out the turn just yet; he almost always hits the counter on his way in.

At 29 weeks the coordination around that corner hasn’t gotten any better… gotta love it!

puppies-growing-up-timelapse-video-golden-retrievers-colby-bleu-2 puppies growing up timelapse video golden retrievers colby bleu 2

Watch the full timelapse video here:

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Photo Credits: Instagram

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When He Gets On The Kitchen Floor, The Best Thing In The Whole World Happens

There are many times when the term “less is more” holds true. You don’t want to eat the whole tub of ice cream (I guess), or else you’ll get sick. But, in this case, more is definitely more, and when this lucky boy sits on the kitchen floor…

The best thing ever happens!

Source: 16 Basenji puppies having the time of their lives! by kingwanas on Rumble

Yep, all 16 of those pups are ready to give some very sloppy puppy kisses to this kid, and he’s more than happy to accept them! When’s it my turn to be covered in Basenjis?!

More pups at your service!

For $596 Nikon’s Coolpix P900 Point And Shoot Camera Has Insane Zoom Feature That Shows The Moon Moving

nikon camera nikon camera

There are nice cameras and then there are insanely nice cameras. Nikon’s Coolpix P900 is one of the insanely nice cameras, although in the world of photography it comes with a pretty affordable price tag. For $596 you can own a camera with zoom capabilities that far surpass the competition, in fact this camera can even capture the movement of the moon.

Nikon’s point and shoot camera, the Coolpix P900, recently went viral on YouTube after German-based nature-lover Lothar Lenz captured stunning video footage of the moon moving using the camera’s 83x optical zoom lens.

Since the video went viral people have been quick to point out that the camera is actually capturing the rotation of the Earth. The moon rotates around the Earth in the same direction and completes one full rotation in a little less than 28 days. From earth it looks like the moon is completely still, but when you use the zoom feature on this camera you can suddenly see something you couldn’t before.

Both Earth and the Moon are moving all of the time; Earth is clocking speeds of 1,000 miles per hour. We don’t feel how fast we are moving because the speed is so constant.

nikon-coolpix-p900-zoom-moon-lothar-lenz-germany-gief nikon coolpix p900 zoom moon lothar lenz germany giefThe camera has gotten a lot of attention thanks to its massive 24-2000mm lens, which literally puts this camera in a class all by itself. It’s not just the impressive zoom feature that earns this camera such great reviews. The Coolpix P900 also comes with GPS, Wi-Fi, manual exposure controls, twin dial operation and so much more.

You can buy your own Nikon Coolpix P900 here!

Watch the full video here to see the moon moving for yourself.

Photo Credits: pferdefotoarchiv.deFacebookYouTubeFlickr, Amazon

Amazing Cross-Stitch Tattoos By Turkish Artist Eva Krbdk

cross-stitching-tattoos-eva-krbdk-daft-art-turkey-1 cross stitching tattoos eva krbdk daft art turkey 1

What do you think of when you hear the term ‘cross-stitching’? You might imagine grannies on the sofa with knitting needles in hand, or a fun kit at a craft store for kids. But after seeing these awesome cross-stitch tattoos you are sure to think of the classic past time in a completely different light.

Eva Krbdk is a talented tattoo artist working in Ankara, Turkey. Her latest cross-stitch tattoos are taking the tattoo community by storm simply because they are so awesome and unique. Her clever designs look like a mix between pixel art and the popular folk art they are named after, creating something truly one-of-a-kind.

Her smaller tattoos are simple and sweet. For those wanting something larger, a big enough canvass of skin allows Krbdk to create something so impressive it defies all words. Krbdk uses a vast assortment of designs and colors to keep each of her tattoos looking like a distinct masterpiece.

Cross-stitch tattoos are not the only talent this artist has in store. Check out her Instagram to see all kinds of tattoo styles by Krbdk.

cross-stitching-tattoos-eva-krbdk-daft-art-turkey-8 cross stitching tattoos eva krbdk daft art turkey 8Flowers, fox, elephants, and even Marilyn Monroe, there’s nothing this artist can’t make into the perfect tattoo largely using tiny little X’s. From sweet and feminine to masculine and tough, this body art knows no boundaries.

cross-stitching-tattoos-eva-krbdk-daft-art-turkey-6 cross stitching tattoos eva krbdk daft art turkey 6cross-stitching-tattoos-eva-krbdk-daft-art-turkey-4 cross stitching tattoos eva krbdk daft art turkey 4cross-stitching-tattoos-eva-krbdk-daft-art-turkey-3 cross stitching tattoos eva krbdk daft art turkey 3cross-stitching-tattoos-eva-krbdk-daft-art-turkey-14 cross stitching tattoos eva krbdk daft art turkey 14cross-stitching-tattoos-eva-krbdk-daft-art-turkey-5 cross stitching tattoos eva krbdk daft art turkey 5cross-stitching-tattoos-eva-krbdk-daft-art-turkey-2 cross stitching tattoos eva krbdk daft art turkey 2cross-stitching-tattoos-eva-krbdk-daft-art-turkey-13 cross stitching tattoos eva krbdk daft art turkey 13cross-stitching-tattoos-eva-krbdk-daft-art-turkey-9 cross stitching tattoos eva krbdk daft art turkey 9cross-stitching-tattoos-eva-krbdk-daft-art-turkey-7 cross stitching tattoos eva krbdk daft art turkey 7Photo Credits: daftart.comInstagram (h/t: Bored Panda)

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You Might Think That Cats And Birds Don't Get Along...Until You See These BFFs!

A coffee shop in Osaka, Japan, is home to what may be the cutest duo on the planet. While sipping your beverage at Hukulou Coffee, you could be greeted by any number of small owls, and even the occasional rabbit.

But the newest member of the bunch — a precious Scottish fold kitten — just became buddies with someone of the feathered variety.

Marimo the kitten is smitten with a little owl named Fuku.

Needless to say, the feeling is mutual.

They’re pretty much inseparable!

And they’re definitely adorable.

But when it’s nap time…

…these two kick their cuteness into overdrive.

This certainly isn’t something you see every day!

(via Rocket News)

For more updates on these unlikely BFFs, you can follow the coffee shop’s Twitter here, but unless you can read Japanese, you might have a hard time figuring out exactly what’s going on. The good thing is that these precious pictures can step across language barriers with ease!

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When This Man Was Pushed Onto The Subway Tracks, He Had Some Unexpected Saviors

Subway trains are incredibly helpful for transportation in the big city, but they’re also incredibly dangerous vehicles to be around. If you aren’t careful, you could be struck by a train and lose some valuables, a limb, or even your life. That is why it is important to always remain vigilant when you’re near the tracks.

Yet sometimes, nothing you can do will save you. Unfortunately, we deal with psychopaths today that will randomly shove people onto the tracks, hoping that the oncoming train takes their life. It’s disgusting, but it’s the sad truth.

When this man was shoved onto the tracks, some bystanders in the area came together to save him from an untimely death. Their kindness saved his life, preventing an unnecessary and malicious event from happening.

Source: Youths risk lives to rescue man pushed onto subway track by rumblestaff on Rumble

(via rumble)

That man is extremely lucky those people were around to save him. Otherwise, who knows what kind of fate he would have suffered? I sincerely hope that the man who shoved him was reprimanded for his heinous actions.

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Make Your Iced Coffee Even Better This Summer And Shamelessly Up Your Caffeine Intake

Iced coffee is a pretty fantastic summer beverage, and it’s best enjoyed early in the morning, while the day’s still cool, or on a hot afternoon, escaping from the angry sun. But why settle for the same old routine that you use during the rest of the year? After all, you’re drinking through a straw, and that means you’re drinking a fancy drink.

This super-short video will give you some inspiration to break out of your iced coffee box and experiment with other ways to enjoy the caffeinated elixir of life. It’s time to take your iced coffee game to the next level.

Watch the video below to learn how to make your iced coffee the best it can be.

NewsInc / Delish

Now that you’re inspired, make your next iced coffee with a little more pizzazz. Break out the spices, add a dash of vanilla or a spoonful of cocoa, or make a coffee slushy in the bender. If it’s the end of the day, throw in a shot of Bailey’s. The possibilities are endless!

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They Stacked A Bunch Of Pallets Together And Made A Summer Dream Come True

When I was a kid, all I wanted in my backyard was a swimming pool. I had it all figured out. It would be big, beautiful, and have a diving board. I would host parties and it will fill every summer with unbelievable fun. (My vision for my fantasy pool was pretty amazing.)

These people, though, took their pool fantasy and turned it into a reality. It’s amazing what you can do with a bit of ingenuity and hard work. It doesn’t even require that much money…if you’re smart.

First, they gathered a bunch of wooden pallets. Then, they sanded them down to make them smooth and remove dirt.

One Look At These Optical Illusions And Your Brain Might Explode

Optical illusions are meant to mess with your mind. They’ll make you go cross-eyed in no time. There’s usually a very simple explanation for what’s going on in an illusion, but I still can’t wrap my head around what’s happening most of the time.

Here are a few animated illusions that you might have a hard time comprehending. I know I did.

1. Wait…what?

2. They grow and shrink.

3. I bet he works out.

4. This one actually freaked me out a little bit.

5. Talk about a seamless transition.

6. I don’t know what the heck is going on here. They’re falling at the same time?

7. How is this possible?

8. Ah, this old trick.

9. So you’re telling me that all of these are the same color?

10. This took a lot of time and effort.

11. Very clever.

12. I guess this is the only way to make movie stars look bad.


14. What kind of demonic mask is this?!

15. I need to get that table to freak out my friends.

16. Slow down! Are you crazy? Wait…

17. I’m officially confused.

18. Yeah, I’ll never understand this.

19. I’ll need this to go with that weird table.

20. I don’t like this trickery anymore.

(via twentytwowords)

Now I just feel stupid. I’m going to go read a book or something. Thanks for nothing, illusions.

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These Cookies And Cakes Are Almost Too Hilarious To Eat, But We Think You'll Manage

There’s no shortage of creative baked goods in the world, but it’s rare to find sweet treats that will make you laugh. If it’s humor you’re looking for in a cookie, look no further than the Instagram account of a talented baker by the name of Archie Hemmingway.

This account features handmade cookies, cakes, donuts, and more — all of which are decorated to look like your favorite pop culture icons. Each one is guaranteed to stir up a fond memory and bring a smile to your face.

If you feel bad about eating your favorite cartoon characters, don’t worry. You won’t be sad when you realize how delicious they are.

Most of us, however, will only be able to experience these sweet wonders through a computer screen, so we’ll have to be satisfied with their visual hilarity.

To see more freshly baked fun, check out the rest of the batch on Instagram.

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