10 Of The Most Far-Out (Or Totally Accurate) UFO Conspiracy Theories

Whether UFOs are actually alien crafts or not, they’re extremely interesting to think about. No one knows exactly what they are (hence the name), but there sure are plenty of theories.

Theories like these range from believable, to terrifying, to laughably entertaining.

1. The Black Knight Satellite

Last week, we went in-depth into just what the Black Knight Satellite is (or what it could be). The short version is that the Black Knight is a large satellite that’s believed to have been orbiting Earth for the last 300,000 years. No one knows how it got there, but it’s been detected by NASA multiple times.

2. John F. Kennedy Killed By CIA

The only thing that conspiracy theorists love more than speculating about UFOs is speculating about JFK’s assassination. According to some theorists, just ten days before he was killed in Dallas, President Kennedy demanded “full disclosure” from the CIA regarding their investigations into unidentified flying objects. He also ordered the agency to share all of their UFO data with NASA. To avoid having to disclose their alleged links to UFOs, the CIA had Kennedy killed.

3. The Hologram Plan

This one is weird. In 2009, a strange, blue light formed in the night sky over Norway. While the explanation is likely meteorological, conspiracy theorists declared it to be a failed attempt at implementing Project Blue Beam. The theory goes that the “New World Order” plans to show a holographic projection simulating an alien invasion as a means to seize power. Clearly, they are still working out the kinks in their plan.

4. Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 vs. UFO

Theories abound about the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. The most interesting one claims that it was abducted by a UFO. The proof that believers offer for this particular theory is that the Malaysian air force detected an unidentified flying object on their radar just before the plane disappeared. If that’s true, this theory would account for the lack of physical debris usually found in the event of a plane crash.

5. America’s Hidden Space Fleet

While the United States has one of the most sophisticated terrestrial militaries in the world, when it comes to space warfare, we’re woefully unqualified. Or are we? According to some theorists, NASA’s mission for space exploration is merely a front. Their real purpose is to build and maintain a fleet of interstellar war ships that are in orbit above Earth as we speak. The evidence offered for this supposed space fleet is a cryptic reference to something called the Solar Warden Program in a leaked document from the U.S. State Department.

6. 2012 Olympic Alien Invasion

The 2012 Olympic Games were a triumph of human achievement. However, if you were a UFO conspiracy theorist, it was anything but. According to these folks, the 2012 Olympic mascots somehow conveyed a hidden message about an impending alien invasion. Instead of rooting for their home teams, theorists were busy stocking their emergency bunkers. When the invasion didn’t happen, it was, of course, classified as a conspiracy. This time, the perpetrators were the Free Masons.

7. Alien Jesus

One of the most widely circulated UFO conspiracy theories out there is that Jesus was actually an alien. This one falls into the Ancient Aliens category of conspiracies. While it seems far out, it would explain pretty much all of Jesus’s miracles.

8. Nazi UFOs In Antarctica

In 1946, America mounted a large, unprecedented expedition to Antarctica. The official reason was to beat the Soviets there. However, Nazi supporters maintain that the expedition was mounted to destroy a secret Nazi UFO base located there. The theory continues, saying that the “attack force” was repelled by the superior Nazi technology. In reality, bad weather forced the expedition to make a hasty return.

9. General MacArthur vs. Aliens

During a 1955 speech, General MacArthur is said to have made a comment about Earth-wide war against aliens. He urged the world to unite because the next great war could be a battle for Earth’s very survival. Conspiracy theorists believe this was a reference to some specific knowledge that MacArthur had about the existence of aliens.

10. NASA Sent Astronauts To Another Planet

While humans have only officially visited the moon, UFO theorists believe humanity has gone much farther. They claim that a dozen astronauts were sent to a planet 37 light-years away called Serpo during the Kennedy administration. They were part of an exchange program implemented by grateful aliens who were saved after their spacecraft crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947.

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Those are some pretty insane theories. While it’s very easy to dismiss those theories as products of overactive imaginations, what if they aren’t? However unlikely, there’s still the possibility that one or more of them are actually true. They make for an entertaining read at the very least.

Colombian Officers Rescue A Dog From A Landslide...And Perform A Miracle

The South American country of Colombia recently fell victim to a terrible mudslide. It’s among the worst the country has ever experienced. Since the disaster is still relatively fresh, stories are coming out left and right — tales of loss, survival, heartbreak, and triumph.

One such tale is of Colombian police officers rescuing a struggling dog from flood waters caused by the mudslide. These heroes saved the poor creature’s life, but it took a lot more than a single act to bring it back from the brink of death.

A police officer in the mountain town of Salgar jumped into the Liboriana River to save the drowning dog.

Along with his partner, the officer then administered CPR to the unresponsive animal.

The two later treated the dog with first aid on their truck bed.

The little guy was pretty banged up, but he’s expected to make a full recovery.

Watch the entire rescue below to see how these heroes saved their canine friend in need.


(source Reuters, Sky News)

Sadly, 78 people perished in the recent mudslide, and damage from the storm is still being assessed. Fortunately there are local heroes on the lookout to make rescues like this. Hopefully this pup finds a forever home! After all, who could resist all that cuteness?

These Creepy Photos Are Simple, But Evoke Some Pretty Deep Feelings

At first glance, these look like pretty standard portraits. They show close-ups of men on dark backgrounds that are dramatically lit from above. But if you look closely enough, you’ll see it.

Conceptualized by artist and art director Babak Hosseiny and realized by photographer Jeffrey Vanhoutte, the series O les mains takes the human body and turns it into its own uncomfortable narrative.

The series sees its subjects’ hands attached to various places on their bodies, reaching out with their fingers as though they have minds of their own. Sometimes they seem to hinder the person and sometimes they seem like natural appendages. Every one of them, though, looks like a gesture — they are hands after all. They illuminate the mood and mindset of each subject.

The project was created by Hosseiny, who was inspired after reading the opening quote from Ludwig Wittgenstein’s On Certainty: “If you do know that here is one hand, we’ll grant you all the rest.”

According to Hosseiny, it was that quote that spurred the creation of the series. He says that he, “imagined a series of drawings of situations where hands are no longer only hands, but become the physical embodiments of the obstacles, wishes, or fears of the individual.

(via Laughing Squid)

You can see more work by these two artists on Vanhoutten’s website and Hosseiny’s Behance page. You can also find some behind-the-scenes images that’ll show you how these effects were achieved (some images are NSFW, so beware). This is their first collaborative project, and they are currently working on a second.

These Animals Are Totally Not Cute, But They're Actually Pretty Friendly

We know how much you like adorable animals, and we know you like to give them your love. Yet some animals didn’t get so fortunate in the looks department, despite not being dangerous or nasty in the slightest. They just had the bad luck of falling out of the ugly tree and hitting every branch on the way down.

Still, these animals are just as deserving of your appreciation as a cuddly kitten or puppy. But no, we don’t want to cuddle them either.

1. The Goliath Birdeater

Okay, we know “birdeater” isn’t a harmless term, but unless you’re a bird, you have nothing to worry about. It’s the largest spider on the planet, and while its bite contains venom, a wasp’s sting will actually feel worse.

2. The Thorny Devil

This spiny little dude looks like he could severely injure you, but he’s not interested in doing that. The lizard, native to Australia, also has the peculiar defense of shooting blood out of its eyes when attacked. But that, like its spines, is mainly for defensive purposes.

3. The Whale Shark

Whales are big. Sharks are chompy. Put them together and you get something big and chompy, right? Well, not really. Reaching 40 feet in length, these creatures are certainly intimidating to look at, but they’re incredibly gentle. As you can see in this picture, they sometimes even like to socialize with human divers.

4. The Vampire Bat

It’s the name that probably conjures up a frightening image, but these little guys mainly feed on livestock. They’re so small that it really doesn’t harm the cattle (possible infections aside). Bites on humans are extremely rare.

5. The Whip Scorpion

Yeah, these guys look like the definition of terror, but they’re not anything like other scorpions. They don’t have venom, though they’ll spray some stinging acid as a defense. They only get to be about an inch-and-a-half long, which, given their appearance, is just long enough.

6. The Chinese Giant Salamander

Yep, they’re really that big. These large amphibians can grow up to six feet, and they look like something out of prehistory. They’re only interested in eating fish and insects, though. Unfortunately, they’ve also been overhunted and are critically endangered.

7. The Aye-Aye

This looks like something that characters would find lurking in their closet in a classic horror movie. Yet this is actually the aye-aye, a nocturnal, fruit-eating lemur native to Madagascar. They’ve been considered bad omens (probably because of their gremlin-looking faces), but they’re harmless.

8. The Gharial

The gharial looks like a crocodile’s goofy cousin, and that’s…actually exactly what it is. Its thin, narrow jaws prevent it from eating anything larger than a fish, so it will steer clear of people. Due to habitat loss in its native India and Nepal, it’s also critically endangered. So, be nice to these guys.

9. The Wolf Fish

Its snaggly teeth and sourpuss face make the wolf fish look frightening — as does its size, which can reach almost seven feet. However, it’s a bottom feeder, really only interested in eating small crustaceans. If anyone is worried about getting eaten, it’s the wolf fish — these guys are pretty tasty.

10. The Vulture

Vultures don’t exactly have a great reputation because of their dietary habits: they’re scavengers, and can usually be seen hanging around places where something has died. Their wingspans can reach 10 feet, so they’re formidable, but they’re not interested in eating you unless you’re already dead. In fact, some religions call on them to help with “sky burials,” where the deceased are left out for vultures to eat.

11. The Manta Ray

Perhaps it’s because people don’t understand that these are different than sting rays and have no stingers at all. It might be because they can get to be 23 feet long and zip through the water with enormous power. In reality, manta rays are harmless and gentle, and will sometimes even play with people.

12. The Milk Snake

The milk snake inspires terror in many creatures thanks to its resemblance to the venomous coral snake, which has a pattern of black and red instead of yellow and red. This mimicry is actually an evolutionary trait that helps it avoid predators, but it’s all a bluff — the milk snake is totally harmless.

13. The Camel Spider

For some reason, the camel spider’s name has been smeared in a lot of urban legends, including that they feast on sleeping humans, burrow into camels’ stomachs to lay their eggs, and even scream. Yet none of these are true at all. The camel spider gets to be about six inches, and feeds only on small insects. They are not venomous.

14. The Pit Bull

Pit bulls are demonized in popular culture for being aggressive towards people and other animals. In reality, they’re actually loyal and intelligent dogs who love kids. The main problem in certain pit bulls exhibiting violent behavior is their socialization. Still, these dogs are seen as a menace in many places.

15. The Basking Shark

The basking shark is second only to the whale shark in size, but it’s a lot uglier. That gaping maw swimming towards you? Yeah, not cool. Still, it keeps its mouth open because it’s a filter feeder, and eats small invertebrates and plankton.

16. The Hercules Beetle

These creatures can get to be seven inches long, and can lift 70 times their own weight. This sounds intimidating, but these beetles mean you no harm. Plus, they get sillier the longer you look at them.

17. The Frill Shark

Sharks have made a number of appearances on this list, and here’s another one. This guy is super weird, but as it lives more the 1,500 meters deep in the ocean, you probably don’t have to worry about seeing this one. Technically, they’ve caused injury — but it was only to scientists studying their teeth and accidentally cutting themselves.

18. The Giant Isopod

The giant isopod reaches about 14 inches in length, and is one of the examples of huge, ancient-looking creatures that lurk deep in the ocean. They look like aliens or those things from The Dark Crystal, but they’re totally harmless.

19. The Sand Tiger Shark

It looks a lot like your standard dangerous shark, but this slow-moving shark can be seen in subtropical waters the world over, and they’ve never attacked a human.

20. The Humpback Anglerfish

Found even deeper than the frill shark at depths of 2,000 meters, this creature is a nightmare for its prey. It lures its food into his huge mouth with bioluminescent antennae. But as for humans? You’re too big.

(via List 25)

We doubt you’ll see many of these bizarre creatures, but if you do, remember that they’re probably more scared of you than you are of them. And you never know: they might think you’re pretty funny-looking, too.

20 Animals With Butterflies Look Like Disney In Real Life

animalswithbutterflies animalswithbutterflies

Some people prefer to pretend they live in a Disney-based world, myself included. I argue that we don’t live so far off from the magical castles and fairytale kingdoms that dominate Disney’s greatest tales. After all, we have good and evil people, plants that consistently bloom out of dirt with the most beautiful scents and colors, and we even have real-life Kings and Queens (and Princesses being born– hey Charlotte!).

Our world is far more magical than we often give it credit for. The best Disney-infused moments tend to happen while out in nature, say for instance when you catch sight of animals with butterflies. Butterflies migrate in swarms and sometimes the swarm (or one single butterfly) gets caught up hanging around a cute cat, dog or other animal and the results are truly picture perfect. In fact, these animals with butterflies look like a Disney movie happening in real life.

1. The Villain Cat Tries To Catch Innocent Butterfly

animals-with-butterflies-16__880 animals with butterflies 16 880

Photo Credit: Kemal Selimovic

2. Lion Meets Butterfly

animals-with-butterflies-17__880 animals with butterflies 17 880

Photo Credit: Kerry Snider0

3. Gecko Geeking Out Over Butterfly

animals-with-butterflies-18__880 animals with butterflies 18 880

Photo Credit: Kutub Uddin

4. This Cat Is Enjoying One Magical Day Hanging Out With Pretty Blue Butterflies

animals-with-butterflies-1__880 animals with butterflies 1 880

Photo Credit: Natalia Moldovanova

5. Happy To Have A New Friend Especially One That Can Fly!

animals-with-butterflies-6__880 animals with butterflies 6 880

Photo Credit: imgur.com

6. True Love’s Kiss

This butterfly knows that sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince!

animals-with-butterflies-12__880 animals with butterflies 12 880

Photo Credit: Mustafa Öztürk 

7. Golden Butterfly

animals-with-butterflies-14__880 animals with butterflies 14 880

Photo Credit: Champ&Candice

8. Clearly, Butterflies Know The Way Into An Alligator’s Heart

animals-with-butterflies-5__880 animals with butterflies 5 880

Photo Credit: 

9. Love At First Sight

animals-with-butterflies-9__880 animals with butterflies 9 880

Photo Credit: Anatoly Morozov

10. Butterfly Kisses

animals-with-butterflies-15__880 animals with butterflies 15 880

Photo Credit: Lori Gilmore

11. Chameleon And Butterfly= Power Team In Green

animals-with-butterflies-10__880 animals with butterflies 10 880

Photo Credit: Mehmet Karaca

12. Rat In Awe Of Butterfly

animals-with-butterflies-8__880 animals with butterflies 8 880

Photo Credit: dael

13. Swarm Of Butterflies Surround Pleasantly Surprised Gorilla

animals-with-butterflies-4__880 animals with butterflies 4 880

Photo Credit: Anup Shah

14. Butterflies Drinking Turtle Tears

animals-with-butterflies-2__880 animals with butterflies 2 880

Photo Credit: Jeff Cremer

15. Wild Guinea Pig Looks Slightly Fearful Of Butterflies

animals-with-butterflies-3__880 animals with butterflies 3 880

Photo Credit: imgur.com

16. Iguana and Butterfly

animals-with-butterflies-7__880 animals with butterflies 7 880

Photo Credit: Hakan Pekbelgin

17. Nice To Meet You, Welcome To The Enchanted Forest

animals-with-butterflies-13__880 animals with butterflies 13 880

Photo Credit: Guru Charan

18. Brave Butterfly Goes Where Few Others Dare

DSCN2714__880 DSCN2714 880

Photo Credit: Monica Carvalho

19. Bambi Meets Butterfly

deerwbutterfly__880 deerwbutterfly 880

Photo Credit: Suzette Franck

20. Big Rhino, Small Butterfly

rhino1__880 rhino1 880

Photo Credit: Zedd Mark

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